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"Division 7 Solutions has provided me a reliable and useful source of information for over a decade now. Roy Schauffele has consistently provided non-proprietary technical information on Division 7 architectural products, means and methods, in a detailed and 'common sense' form. I might add that Roy has always been extremely prompt in returning my calls, usually within the hour of the time my call was placed."

-- Sam Morris, AIA

STS Coatings

GreatSeal LT-100 Liquid Tape is a polyether based, moisture curing, elastomeric, vertical seam sealer. It forms a seamless, monolithic exterior working surface that will keep the structure water-tight until an air barrier system is applied. LT-100 is for use on exterior gypsum board sheathing, Styrofoam, EPS, fiber-board and plywood construction materials.

GreatSeal PE-150 is a general-purpose polyether construction sealant designed for use on roofing, doors & windows, masonry, and siding. This premium sealant is specially formulated for application in damp, dry or cold job-site conditions at temperatures down to 30°F.

Gorilla Flash through-wall flashings are designed to be tough, permanent, sustainable, and to provide rapid water drainage from all cavity walls.

Roof Guardian Technology (RGT) is an Energy Star Rated, EPA, VOC compliant, liquid applied, elastomeric system for use in restoring and prolonging the life of not only metal roofs, smooth surfaced BUR and polymer modified asphalt but most importantly, all types of aged single ply roof systems.

Wall Guardian FW-100 is an liquid AIR and WATER BARRIER, VAPOR RETARDER (breathable) product that can be sprayed or rolled onto the wall surface.  This product is designed for use in cavity wall constructions, such as, steel stud construction, insulated (extruded polystyrene) CMU/ Brick veneer cavity wall construction and Insulated tilt-up construction.
Advantages of Wall Guardian® products are:
1. Can be left exposed for 6 months
2. EPA/VOC compliant
3. Zero Sag at 180°F
4. No special application equipment
5. Water based, single component, and monolithic
6. Meets and exceeds all requirements of IBC/IECC 2003

For more information visit www.stscoatings.com, or contact:

South Texas – Roy Scahuffele, roys@division7.com
North Texas – Robert Popp, rpopp@division7.com
Oklahoma – Robert Popp, rpopp@division7.com
All other areas – STS Customer Service, rgt@roofguardiantech.com

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